What is the legacy of the pandemic?


What is the legacy of the pandemic?

Saturday 26 September 2020 – Welfair Plenary
18.00 – 19.00

A small virus, new and unknown, in a few weeks has destroyed security, life and certainties, has made work activities fragile all over the world, but this dramatic virus has also made it possible to rediscover the beauty of family, nature and of life, made us rediscover the immensity of thought and friendship, made us rediscover the usefulness of time and forced us to reflect on the epochal scientific and social change we are experiencing.
The round table will highlight the major changes that have emerged in this pandemic, from the evolution of medical scientific knowledge to the suffering of the mind and interpersonal relationships, from the evolution of human rights to the tiring dreams of young graduates, all to find the way of constructive optimism within that beauty that will be able to save the world with the beautiful, the good and the just.

Coordinator: Prof. Pier Antonio Bacci

Pier Antonio Bacci

Psychological balance and relational aspects
Paola Pompei

Pandemic and human rights
Federico Lenzerini

Liquid society and good governance
Vinicio Serino

Subsidiarity and respect
Ermanno Bocchini

Pandemic and Regenerative Medicine
Eugenio Caradonna

Systemic medicine and adipose tissue
Pier Luigi Rossi

How do you see the future?
Martina Sperti

The power of the dream
Giorgio Terziani


Prof. Pier Antonio Bacci
Surgery and Vascular Diseases Specialist – Former professor at the University of Siena

Dr.ssa Paola Pompei
Trainer Psychotherapist – La Fenice Arezzo

Prof. Federico Lenzerini
Department of Political and International Sciences – University of Siena

Prof. Vinicio Serino
Anthropologist – Professor at the University of Siena

Prof. Ermanno Bocchini
Cardiac surgeon, President of SIMCRI (Medicine and Regenerative Surgery)

Prof. Eugenio Caradonna
Cardiochirurgo, Presidente SIMCRI ( Medicina e Chirurgia Rigenerativa)

Prof. Luigi Rossi
Nutrition Science Specialist – Professor at the University of Bologna

Dr.ssa Martina Sperti
Neolaureata – Medicine University of Florence

Giorgio Terziani
Entrepreneur, Visit Professor Saint George School Brescia