Successful aging, Blue Zones and Mediterranean Diet


Successful aging, Blue Zones and Mediterrasian Diet

Friday 25 September 2020 – Welfair Plenary
14.00 – 16.00

People live longer, but the increase in life span does not coincide with the increase in health span. Thus there is growing interest in how to age “successfully” and, in particular, the search for determining factors for aging in an active and healthy way. In the field of longevity studies, the so-called “blue zones” are of particular interest: some regions of the world, in which the population shares a lifestyle and common environments and whose exceptional longevity has been carefully verified, favor a longer life compared to most other regions. The geographical characteristics of the four classic blue zones mainly indicate a condition of insularity and remoteness. The altitude and the slope of the terrain that characterize three out of four blue zones seem particularly intriguing.

Coordinator: Prof. Calogero Caruso

Ore 14.00 – 14.10

Calogero Caruso

Ore 14.10 – 14.30

Okinawan centenaries
Craig Willcox

Ore 14.30 – 14.50

Nuorese centenarians
Ciriaco Carru

Ore 14.50 – 15.10

Centenaries of Cilento
Annibale Puca

Ore 15.10 – 15.30

Centenaries of the Madonie
Giulia Accardi

Ore 15.30 – 16.00

Discussion and conclusions
Calogero Caruso


Prof. Calogero Caruso
Professor Emeritus (former Full Professor of General Pathology) Laboratory of Immunopathology and Immunosenescence – Department of Biomedicine, Neuroscience and Advanced Diagnostics. University of Palermo

Dr. Craig Willcox
Professor of Public Health and Gerontology at Okinawa International University and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Hawaii.

Prof. Ciriaco Carru
Associate Professor in Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology
Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Sassari

Prof. Annibale Puca
Full Professor at the Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry “Scuola Medica Salernitana” / DIPMED

Dr.ssa Giulia Accardi
Nutritionist Biotechnologist