Food, Environment and Sustainability: Forever Green

Events Program*

Saturday 16 October – Formative Webinar Room
11.30 AM – 1.30 PM

The Master Degree in Economics Communication and Media Management of “Tor Vergata” University of Rome organizes FOOD, WINE & CO. X EDITION “FOOD SUSTAINABILITY. FROM MARKETING TO PRODUCTS, TO TERRITORIES AND PEOPLE OF EXCELLENCE”, the event dedicated to Italian brands, products, services, companies, the territories and the excellence they express as a distinctive and strategic richness, in a perspective of sustainable development and people welfare, in comparison with other countries and international trends.

Food, Environment and Sustainability: Forever Green

Introduced and moderated by Simonetta Pattuglia, Professor of Marketing and Communication, Editor of Food, Wine and Co. and Director of the Master Degree in Economics Communication and Media Management of “Tor Vergata” University of Rome

Participants to the meeting:

Marco Pellizzoni, Commercial Director Consumer Panel, Gfk Italia, Changes taking place in FMCG and the role of sustainability for the Shopper


Daniela Brignone, Curator Historical Archive and Museum – Institutional Affairs, Birra Peroni. A great company, a great Italian identity, a great project. The Peroni Case


Marco Boscolo, Scientific Journalist, Authors of “Semi ritrovati. Viaggio alla scoperta della biodiversità agricola”, Codice Edizioni, Alphabet and grammar of biodiversity: what and how to make them part of the shared culture?


Stefano Caccavari, Founder, Mulinum di San Floro e Val D’Orcia, From the province a “glocal” model in the sign of business and environmental sustainability. The Mulinum case


Laura Di Renzo, Professor of Nutrition Sciences, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Sustainability and human well-being: relatives not snakes!


Luigi Galimberti, Ceo and Founder, Sfera Agricola, Let’s produce “strange” but beneficial. Organic productions and mass distribution. Possible equation? The case of Sfera Agricola


Silvestro Greco, Professor, University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo and Author of “La plastica nel piatto”, Slowfood Giunti, Will we die of plastic in our plates?


Francesca Paternoster, Head of Events and Education and Elisa Menduni, Head of Marketing and Communication, Mieli Thun. Communicating the role of bees for the climate, the maintenance of biodiversity and an “authentic” product. The case of Thun Honeys


Daniela Puglielli, Founder, The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable, The Mediterranean diet and the “conquest” of the Americas.


Silvia Scaramuzzi, University of Florence, La via femminile e sostenibile all’agricoltura. Hospitality and Welcoming through Food.

*The program is subject to change

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