CHRONICLE ON VIROLOGY: present and future of infectious diseases, including SARS and its variants

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Friday 15 October – Welfair Plenary
3.40 PM

CHRONICLE ON VIROLOGY: present and future of infectious diseases, including SARS and its variants, with interventions and testimonies from around the world

In addition to reviewing the main progress made in containing the transmission of the virus and reflecting on the initiatives put in place in 2021, attention is drawn to other infectious diseases, for the moment “forgotten”.

Coordinated by: Prof. Davide Zella – Co-Director of the Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology, member of the Institute of Human Virology of the University of Maryland (US).


3.50 PM

Evolution of SARS-Cov-2 virus, viral variants and their antibody sensitivity

Prof. Francesca Caccuri – Associate Professor of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology – Microbiology Section, Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine, University of Brescia


4.10 PM

Diseases of the respiratory  system: Long Covid and recovery 

Prof. Marco Vitale – Full Professor of Human Anatomy Faculty of Medicine and Surgery University of Parma. Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore.


4.30 PM

COVID-19 and BRAIN: current knowledge on the relationship between SARS-Cov-2 and neurological diseases

Prof. Pasquale Ferrante – MD, Full Professor of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology, Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences, University of Milan.
Adjunt Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Inflammation, Center for Neurovirology and Gene Editinglewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA


4.50 PM

Evolution of viral  genomes

Prof. Massimo Ciccozzi – Head of Research Unit in Medical Statistics and Molecular EpidemiologyCampus Bio-Medico University of Rome


5.10 PM

Infectious diseases  in Africa

Prof. Alash’e Abimiku – Executive Director, International Research Center of Excellence, Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria. Professor of Medicine at University of Maryland, School of Medicine Institute of Human Virology


5.30 PM

Covid variants and vaccinations

Prof. Marco Salemi – Ph.D. Professor in Experimental Pathology Holloway and McClamma Chair Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine University of Florida College of Medicine Emerging Pathogens Institute


5.50 PM

Infectious diseases in South America

Prof.ssa Marta Giovannetti – Visiting professor at the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome and researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation of Brazil


6.10 PM


* The program is subject to change

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